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Wizards Pak Kok said

Wizards Pak Kok said: "According to the news of snooping, proposed marriage is a human Executive of the town, called side payments. He was sent here from the city Sword responsible for calm bring disaster, but in reality is to remain silent. They just come in, based not stable, deployed along the coast have only just begun. this time

, As long as the head of a death, the others will stumble. Moreover, they want to be able to find a command of the overall situation of the person sits, is not an overnight can be done. At that time broke into war, the better. "

Qingchuan nodded, he already had a premonition, the total fight this battle sooner or later. Although this is tantamount to betrayal when shop and go to this family of business deals, but not more is not enough. He had sighed and said: "So, we mix the two is to go in together."

Pak Kok said: "No, for you can get. Xue Wu is a witch, good at the technical method, more suitable for collaborative assistance to stay in the dark. You one in the next one in the dark, if one misses, another chance to . "

Riverside Anzan mind that old fox seal close, thoughtful, just way, no grasp of their own may get out. Xue Wu seems to see his mind, he said: "Do not worry, that time I dressed as brides by magic, you look like. As long as one person close to that, immediately following
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Hand. Wedding day, many people eye complex, many opportunities. And I follow you in the dark, there is an emergency, I shot the cover for you. "

Pak Kok access road, "Yes, Xue Wu Xi always been the same old people in the tribe, one of the best witch. I always feel reassured her. That night, I will bring another wave of troops and the bones of the dead, pretend feint from the outside. Once the cross- on the front, even if the two sides have established covenants, that time will become

As a dead letter. "

They also discuss about it, the action was properly set. To time by the Riverside is responsible for murder, Xue Wu is responsible for the cover, the white corner is to find ways to lead people to the door. Pro before the end of the white shaman corner told Xue Wu, preparation time, will need to use magic to teach secondary assassin.

Assassin addressed this business, the original does not need to learn spells. Terms with the old saying is: Art is not more special, bite off more than can chew. Rush to the Bobcats as the assassination of hunting, playing is the ambush, the person from head to instant party is the best policy. The study spells, they have to spend a lot of time fine

Force, and thus are difficult to specialization initiates, easy entry entry mediocre hand, end up learning and abolished.

But things change, can not be generalized. Riverside is nothing more than ordinary day against some of the rich local gentry, easier to succeed. The goal of the hands of a transfer order but is a long official permission, and staff occupying force. Such people, some mages will guard around. If not, I'm afraid the body

Body will have surgery method, is difficult to keep their swords by the unusual quasi-one-hit kill. Therefore, the tidal action of the assassin group responsible for the assassination, also derived from the corresponding auxiliary means a lot to cope with. For example, white angle will be useful spell patterns with nostrums upon the disciples. Thus, even if do not spend


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